Thoughts about Patti Smith’s Banga

Patti Smith has become my favorite artist on multiple levels these past few years. I love her immediacy as a person as well as her bohemian artist lifestyle.

Living near New York City as we do has afforded my wife and the opportunity to see Patti Smith perform live several times now. We have also had the fortunate experience to meet Patti Smith at various book signings. She is always gracious to us. I dare to say we feel a kinship with her as fellow children of the sixties.

Her new recording, Banga is intriguing me endlessly. Its only a couple of more days until I can hear all the tracks in flow.I tell myself with baited breath.  There are a bakers dozen of  new songs  with “Just Kids” as the bonus track on the Banga special edition CD. 

There is even a unique offer on Patti Smith’s Web site that bundles a lithograph of Patti Smith and the Banga CD. (See image above)

(Thought this was published through my iPhone App yesterday….sigh)

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