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IMAGEI am glad I waited closer to the release date of Patti Smith‘s Banga recording (due June 5th) to place my pre-order. I had a premonition that Columbia Records would have a limited edition available. Today I got an e-mail from that outlines the final promotional push for Banga.

I am excited that there is so much to read, view, hear and absorb when it comes to Banga. In true Patti Smith form it is a work of art, with many objects of literary inputs to study and pursue. Its going to be great to immerse in the enrichment Patti Smith, her group, music collaborators and her video documentarian, Steven Sebring will be offering us. It’s also a family affair with Jesse Paris, Patti’s daughter and her son Jackson, playing guitar on this recording.

Rather than my repeat what has already been shared with Patti Smith fans, click on this Web link to see why I am so pumped about Banga the limited edition, the new videos and so much more!

I can’t wait to give Banga a full listen and sit down with the hard cover book including 64 pages of original images, complete lyrics and liner notes.

Its music as it should be, a work of art and ongoing education about  the literary world that begs us to explore and discover its wondrous universe.

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