Mick Jagger, SNL


I stayed up last night to watch the season ending SNL with Mick Jagger as the host. He did an admirable job in that role. I especially liked his self-parody at the karaoke bar. His poignant rendition of “Satisfaction” closed out that bit with flair.

My other favorite sketch was The Californians which is a hysterical bit about the California fixation with driving  directions intermixed with soap opera drama. Jagger as the Dad was very funny, especially with those over sized glasses and the posing in the mirror scenes.

The musical highlight for me was Mick Jagger performing with The Foo Fighters (who just three hours earlier were playing the Bamboozle Festival in Asbury Park, NJ.). They performed “19th Nervous Breakdown” which segued into “It’s Only Rock n Roll(And I Like It)”. This is the point of the night that Mick Jagger truly hit his stride  The transition to “It’s Only Rock N Roll” was awesome. Jagger then sang and moved as only he can in an amazing combined way. He was so “on” I was totally mesmerized.

Mick Jagger also performed with Arcade Fire and Jeff Beck, which were good song segments but nothing was as powerful and captivating as The Foo Fighters live segment.

The send off for Kristen Wiig was very touching and emotional.

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