Love The New Santana Shape Shifter Recording!

I am delighted with the new Santana recording, Shape Shifter. I have listened to it several times today on Spotify, first the Carlos Santana track by track commentary edition then the full recording.

It’s such a treat to finally have Shape Shifter available after all these years of anticipation.

I will be publishing a more comprehensive album review along with other thoughts and interpretations later this week.

Here is the back cover of the Shape Shifter CD which lists the tracks and provides Carlos’s heartfelt message that we should all honor and respect the indigenous people of all nations.

4 Replies to “Love The New Santana Shape Shifter Recording!”

    1. Jamie,

      It’s wonderful to hear from a spiritual music practitioner such as yourself. Thank you for the compliment.

      I browsed your Web site today. It is both spiritual peaceful and engaging. You have been busy with your spiritual music I see. Jazz and spirituality is a smart integration genre. I like what I heard of your music samples. I was most taken with Soul Awakening.



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