Hanging With Michael Moore and Occupy Friends Last Night

We saw the stage début of Michael Moore at The City Winery last night as he capped off a celebration of artists who will be appearing on the Occupy This Album 4 CD recording. He was an energizing force for the core Occupy participants who assembled in the house.

Thank You Sandi Bachom for filming this segment and adding to our memories of this historic event.

The Occupy This Album Record Release Party was a two and one-half hour celebration of the Occupy movement. Music and art now establishes an important voice for Occupy.

We witnessed a diverse cavalcade of artists with unique performing styles and textures. Reflecting today on who we saw and heard, as several performances were striking and novel.

First artist we got our groove on with was Taj Weekes & Adowa, funky reggae party, alright.  A little later we caught the legendary David Amram for the first time. His music is timeless and he is a wonderful multi-instrumentalist.

I was happy to see my Facebook friend Dylan Chambers, with his Dad, Lester Chambers of Chambers Brothers fame perform together.

Nanci Griffith did a fun song for us entitled, “Hell No (I’m Not Alright)”.

A band by the name of Ace Reporter rocked my socks off. Great energy.

Matt Pless played twice for us last night.

Much credit goes to Jason Samel, founder and executive director at Music for Occupy. We are grateful recipients of free tickets for last night’s event.

Jason, I placed our pre-order this morning, can’t wait to get the Occupy This Album 4 CD set.

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