Queen Extravaganza Tour – June 9th, 2012, Oakdale

We’re going to take a chance on the Queen Extravaganza event. I like what I am reading and seeing about this Queen Tribute Show. It’s rare when original members of a rock superstar group go to this length to arrange for this level of extravaganza. Never having seen Queen when they performed together, back in the day, its nice to have this opportunity to witness this event. Plus the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, CT is just a stones throw away so we must attend 🙂

The pairing of Roger Taylor and Brian May with American Idol proves to be a striking combination. If this segment is just a hint at the 2 hour, 40 song tribute show, then we’re in for a fascinating entertainment experience.

Two of Queen’s original band mates and songwriters—legendary guitarist Brian May and iconic drummer Roger Taylor—are the masterminds behind The Queen Extravaganza. Roger Taylor, Queen’s drummer is the show’s producer and music director.

To guarantee that the touring show matches the fabled design and excitement of Queen at its live best, Taylor has enlisted a heavyweight production team headed by stage designer Mark Fisher. Fisher has been responsible for some of the most memorable rock concerts ever staged, including The Wall for Pink Floyd and every Rolling Stones show since 1989.

“The Queen Extravaganza will not be like a traditional tribute show,” says Taylor. “It is a brand new show specially designed to enable these new fans, together with fans of old, to celebrate the music of Queen in a heart-stopping event. It’s going to be very spectacular, it’s going to be very visual, there are going to be some shocks and some tremendous surprises. It will be a rock celebration in the Royal tradition.”

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