A Tale of Two Posters

I became interested in Rock and Roll memorabilia in the 70’s. My passion for rock merchandise has several areas of focus. I love rock poster art. Much of the walls in my home have unique framed art.

My membership in The Rock Poster Society has kept me in direct touch with famous rock poster artists and their monumental work. Yesterday I got to see the Fillmore East Rock Art Poster guru, David Edward Byrd.

The event began with a Rock Art Poster Fair that featured various poster sellers and several of the poster artists themselves. The centerpiece of the Rock Art Poster Fair was to witness the artist proofs of David Edward Byrd before we attended the exhibition and the talk by David Edward Byrd and Arnold Skolnick. I was blown away to see the artist proofs of David’s Jimi Hendrix Fillmore East posters. I intend to buy one of those proofs from his Web site this year.

I can’t decide between these two images below. The final poster feature The Jimi Hendrix Experience and is the final artwork. The first poster was David’s original poster, which I like the colors and lightning bolt effect of he chose for Jimi. Decisions, decisions…

Jimi HendrixJimi Hendrix Experience - Fillmore East - May 1968

We then went downstairs to see the Byrd/Skolnick, A Tale of Two Posters exhibit. The exhibition did great justice to both art icons. I learned how much more David Edward Byrd has accomplished beyond my understanding of him as the Fillmore East poster artist. He has made a major contribution to Broadway, Television and Film with classic posters and art for Godspell, Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Harry Potter. David Edward Byrd’s work is in a word, magnificent.


Arnold Skolnick educated us about his art contributions for nook covers, photography and painting. Yes he is the creator of the Woodstock poster that we all know and love, but he has an amazing dimensional ability with his art that is impressive.

We especially loved his photography book Love Songs.

The next event was a talk that featured both artists. Their discussion was informative, lively, revealing, filling us with laughter and respect. It was a great chance to learn more about them, their art and the stories behind famous posters and famous people like Bill Graham.

We had a lovely time at this event. The exhibition was well curated. The talk was very informative. Thank you Bethel Woods Center for the Arts for a fantastic weekend.

58 Lambert Drive, Milford, CT

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