That’s Why God Made The Radio – The Beach Boys New Album and Single

We have tickets to see The Beach Boys 50th Anniversary Tour next month at Mohegan Sun Casino Arena on May 12th. The Beach Boys kicked off their tour in Tuscon, Arizona on Tuesday, April 24th. They played a 42 song, 2.5 hour set.

That's Why God Made The Radio

New Album Info: Other album tracks include “Shelter” and “The Private Life of Bill and Sue”, both midtempo songs written by Wilson. He says the album will be all Beach Boys — no covers, no guests.

“Beaches in Mind”, “Spring Vacation” and “Daybreak Over the Ocean”, the last written by Love, are among the 12 to 15 songs being considered for the album, with some possibly ending up on a commemorative package, Love says. “Everybody’s got a lead on at least some of the songs.”

Wilson wrote “a suite that I’m just going to guess must be seven minutes long. There are beautiful strings on it,” Johnston says. “You can mix up your singles with your longer art pieces. We’re the Beach Boys. We can do that.”

The album is “very lush, very PetSound-ing,” Jardine says. It may give a welcome contrast to current trends, he says. “Melodies and harmonies are not so popular today in mainstream American radio. Some kind of void is being filled that maybe people really need now.”

The first single from their forthcoming (June 5) studio album (of the same name) “That’s Why God Made The Radio” is available now on Apple iTunes and Amazon for digital download.

You can sing along with the visual lyrics with this lyric video.

You can learn more about the making of “That’s Why God Made The Radio” by watching the single sizzle reel video.

The Beach Boys

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