Jack White’s Blunderbuss Thus Far….

I haven’t been this enthusiastic to acquire an artist’s solo recording in years. I downloaded Jack Whites Blunderbuss from Apple iTunes today. I opened this unique bottle of  wine with a wide-eyed rapture . I smelled the cork and poured the first song, “Missing Pieces” into my waiting glass. The tantalizing audio sensations swirled among my taste buds. I was breaking new ground and life would never be the same.

Songs about the aftermath of the heart can take on powerful meanings, the last stanza of “Missing Pieces” epitomizes how the dust hasn’t settled for Jack White and someone he was once with….

Sometimes someone controls everything about you

And when they tell you that they just can’t live without you

They ain’t lyin’, they’ll take pieces of you

And they’ll stand above you and walk away

That’s right and take a part of you with them

© 2012 Third Man Records

Jack White’s music is richly inventive, avidly presenting scenarios for the mind to process and interpret.  The collective body of work, Blunderbuss is edgy, challenging, yet  extremely well stated. You find yourself swept along a current of emotions gladly losing your trepidation in exchange for new-found meanings.

The next song, “Sixteen Saltines” grounds the listener in the sensations Jack White has premiered with his boy band. It rocks right out at ya. The song is comfortable and familiar due to the significant airplay its been receiving. A wine taster would call this “cleansing the palate” for more wine to be senses and tasted next…

“Freedom At 21”  the third track is a cosmic rocker, real upper stratosphere stuff. It keeps the fuse burning strong from the energy created by “Sixteen Saltines”.

The fourth track, “Love Interruption” commences next. This was the first song from Blunderbuss that I witnessed Jack White and his female band première on Saturday Night Live. When I hear it now I am inclined to compare it to the Robert Plant/ Alison Krauss collaboration, Raising Sand.

Realize these are just four of the 13 tracks known as Blunderbuss but one should never rush the delicacy of fine wine, its best to give it time to breathe and savor, so this review will continue after more Blunderbuss wine tasting occurs over the next few days….

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