A continual “Positive Charge” from Danger Mouse

One of my objectives with this music blog is to look for the magic rocks in my musical backyard, turn them over and find the treasures they uncover.

I have become enamored by the continual positive charge that Danger Mouse is having as he continues to help shape the direction of modern music.  When he sits at the music potter’s wheel the art takes on a dimensional texture that I find endlessly revealing.

It is no wonder Danger Mouse was named producer of the decade (2000-2009) by Paste Magazine. There are several recordings he has been directly involved with of late that intersect organically.


This all began to gel for me with Rome (2011) an eloquent collaboration with Daniele Luppi, Jack White and Norah Jones that redefines the essence of an Italian western soundtrack as a modernistic soliloquy. I still get goose bumps when I play this recording.

Little did I know that Norah Jones and Danger Mouse had worked together in secret earlier on a recording in June 2009 to be called, Little Broken Hearts (due May 1st). Their kinship for music experimentation, that sense of constantly reinventing one’s self makes for fascinating discourse. I am eager to hear this new recording

Photo by Noah Abrams, courtesy of Rolling Stone Magazine 2012

I was fascinated to learn of Danger Mouse and James Mercer’s stellar collaborations on the recording’s Dark Night of the Soul (With Sparklehorse and David Lynch among others) and Broken Bells which are both marvelously woven works of intricate dimensionality with pleasant discoveries at every juncture.

This has happily wrought for us Danger Mouse’s influence through the music of James Mercer and the Shins. The musical context of Point of Morrow bears evidence to these results with striking contrast and originality.

“You can credit Brian [‘Danger Mouse’ Burton] with a lot of that,” Mercer tells Spinner, discussing the more headphone-rich sound of ‘Port of Morrow.’

“Because working with Brian gave me a lot of confidence to do something like that and not be so nervous about being adventurous to, y’know, bust a move.”

The array of newly painted rocks once obscured by the tall blades of  grass in my back yard now become one rich tapestry. 🙂

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