Wayne Escoffery Quintet – The Only Son of One

My favorite “hang” yesterday at the Pop Conference was Jazz Alley which I covered in yesterday’s blog post. I learned actively from several of the presenters about the jazz artist, Wayne Escoffery. I quickly discovered there is mutual consensus building about his next jazz recording, The Only Son of One, on Sunnyside Records. I picked up on the vibe that all the jazz cognoscenti were in agreement about the impact the Wayne Escoffery Quintet is going to have when this recording is released next month. I figured I would plug myself in early and begin to discover more about the  structured sounds and textures of this competent quintet.

It’s just too cool that we live so close to the jazz scene in New York City. I am contemplating attending the Wayne Escoffery Quintet CD release event on Saturday, April 21st at the Smoke Jazz & Supper Club if it’s not too late to do so and the Mrs. agrees 😉

58 Lambert Drive, Milford, CT

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