The Shins – Port of Morrow

The Shins SnlI must confess that until I stumbled on them on SNL I was unaware of how The Shins sounded musically as I had never seen them perform live, not even in a YouTube video… Granted I had read magazine articles that spoke in glowing terms about the poetic articulation of their lyrics. Every music author was equally or more enchanted by the spell they cast.

After watching The Shins première two tracks from Port of Morrow, their first album in five years I became spellbound also.

I love “Simple Song” “the single” because it offers the listener a soft, infectious rapture.

The next track “Its Only Life” is a modern-day Alice in Wonderland tale, so down the rabbit hole we go 😉

Magnificent, and that ascending melody will trail you like a double-espresso buzz.” -Rolling Stone

If you want to see more of The Shins in concert watch the newly recorded Live on Letterman video for an engaging hour concert –

I so dig The Shins, their Indie music rules!

58 Lambert Drive, Milford, CT

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