Jefferson Starship – Gold

Cover of "Gold"
Cover of Gold

I have the music of Jefferson Starship coarsing through my veins now. Seeing Starship live in concert did that for me πŸ˜‰

The recording in their collection I find myself reaching for on Spotify is Jefferson Starship, Gold.

The track on this compilation that I was unfamiliar with until the concert is “St. Charles”. I have come to appreciate this song immensely now.

Last week in concert an audience member shouted out “St. Charles” as a request and Paul Kanter and company went right with it. I love impromptu moments that take on other orders of magnitude. The Starship ensemble gave us a beautiful rendition of that song. I was swept along with the melody, vocals and the visual lyrics of this epic tale.

Marty Balin : Vocals,
Grace Slick : Vocals, Piano,
Paul Kantner : Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Craig Chaquico : Lead Guitar, Vocals,
Peter Sears : Bass, Keyboards,
David Freiberg : Bass, Vocals, Keyboards,
John Barbata : Drums, Vocals, Percussion

58 Lambert Drive, Milford, CT

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