Stretching out on Sunday with Vijay Iyer

I have been reading with relish about superlative pianist/composer/bandleader Vijay Iyer, his trio and their latest recording, Accelerando.  A definitive piece written by Nate Chinen captures the essence of Vijay Iyer’s art. I urge you to read the Nate Chinen article, “A Pianist’s Escalating Insurgency” which appeared this past Wednesday in the New York Times. It is insightful, vigorous and enthusiastic in educating the reader about the significance of Vijay Iyer’s role in jazz today and going forward.

I hear Vijay Iyer’s music as controlled excellence unfolding before the listener’s ear then increasing in a multidimensional awareness as it spirals my soul upward and outward.

A YouTube electronic press kit for Accelerando underscores the exuberance of the Vijay Iyer Trio. It has a reflective interview with Vijay Iyer along with the trio performing music segments.

If  the engagement hasn’t sold out yet I think we’ll go see the Vijay Iyer Trio Live at Birdland in New York City next month.

58 Lambert Drive, Milford, CT

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