e-Learning, Moodle and Music

I am an instructional technologist by trade. My true passion is music and journalism as evidenced by the content of this blog. I constantly seek avenues to combine these interests to become more fully realized. I term this the zen of my existence. ( i.e. cognoscenti).

Moodle, the free, open-source course management solution has revolutionized learning. Today it has 55 million global users. It has successfully disrupted the Learning Management System universe (LMS). I love the fact that it is toppling BlackBoard‘s dominance.

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I wish I taught a music course and used Moodle to manage that learning experience. I am going to accomplish that by building an online music appreciation course with Moodle.

As I work my way along that path I locate subject matter authorities who guide my aspirations. One such individual in the field of software training I am following is William Rice. Bill is a leading authority in instructional design, e-Learning courseware management/development and Moodle consulting. He has written a definitive book series about Moodle for Packt Publishing.


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2 Replies to “e-Learning, Moodle and Music”

  1. I’ve just started blogging about Moodle today after working with it for some months now. Inspiring post – I like it when people combine different passions to create something that is more than a sum of its parts. I try to do that to, since I’ve both an artistic/media and a technical background. Have fun learning and keep posting about the music courses project.

    1. I appreciate your comment. The more I learn about Moodle’s architecture, that it is truly a Web site technology platform, the more I understand how I can fully harness it for learning.

      I was thinking today that I want to apply more of a development effort with pHp.

      I will do my best to update you as I go along.Your comment is encouraging.

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