World Premiere – Bill Ortiz “Winter In America” Video

I just witnessed with a deep sense of pride and humility, the world première of our dear friend, trumpeter extraordinaire Bill Ortiz’s new video, “Winter In America“.

Please take a few minutes to watch why we must show more compassion towards our fellow-man. We must all help to defeat the winter of our discontent.


Your new music video speaks for justice. Your trumpet is the voice that draws our attention to the winter of our discontent that is all around us in this nation. Poverty is the cause we must all help to end.

The vocals by Tony Lindsay and The Grouch accentuate the message that “Winter In America” is the plight of the human condition in our society we must eradicate.

I feel that Gil Scott-Heron is smiling down at how you extend his music to show the message of how we must all collectively help to defeat “Winter In America”.

I tip my hat to Ari Berger and domoarifoto for their wonderful visual abilities used in this video.

Peace, from the music of our heart,
Ed & Rosemary Jennings

58 Lambert Drive, Milford, CT

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