Al Stewart – Historical Folk Rock

I was shopping yesterday when I heard Al Stewart‘s “Time Passages” come over the Muzak sound system. I had forgotten how much I loved this song. It was a staple on the progressive FM radio station WNEW-FM 102.7 in the late 70s. This Metromedia affiliate station has left an indelible impact on my musical listening tastes.

I also reflected on the time frame when I was a college disk jockey at WVOF-FM 88.5 on the Fairfield University campus. I often played tracks from Al Stewart’s Past, Present and Future (Janus Records) on my show. The track I played the most often from this 1973 vinyl LP was “Nostradamus”


Al Stewart has performed music for more than 40+ years. I especially liked his partnering with Alan Parsons as his engineer. Their first collaboration genius effort resulted in Modern Times with one of my favorite album covers.

File:AlStewart ModernTimes US.jpg

Alan Parsons and Al Stewart then produced together his two largest hits, “Year of the Cat” and “Time Passages”.

Al Stewart is an artist I am hoping to finally see perform live in 2012.

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