Rio – Keith Jarrett

Keith Jarrett | RIO | ECM 2198/99Keith Jarrett’s latest solo recording, Rio is a masterpiece of poetic justice. Find a quiet space, breath deeply and be ready to be swept away by the piano fortissimo’s that exude from Keith Jarret‘s fingertips. The resonance of his touch combined with his exuberance will immerse you in the warmth that is Rio de Janeiro.

Rio is 15 delicious tracks of 100% improvisation.

I have not been this moved by a Keith Jarrett recording since The Köln Concert in 1975. I recall opening the rice paper sleeve and placing Side One of this classic ECM vinly record on my Technics turntable. Those were the days I owned a high-end separates system. The sound of Keith Jarrett’s solo piano wafted through my KEF speakers expanding my consciousness an astral plane of intellect. Each subsequent side of The Köln Concert expanded that tapestry of thought.

Rio and Keith Jarrett are stirring my longings to play the Baldwin piano we have in the family room again. Why should such a beautiful instrument sit idle? I am inspired to begin my musical journey anew…..inspiration leads to creativity and with it follows the sweet rewards of accomplishment 🙂

58 Lambert Drive, Milford, CT

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