Coldplay Saturday

I have finally succumbed to the magic and the music of Coldplay. You may be asking what took you so long Ed? My answer would be it’s not that I didn’t try before. Or that I haven’t watched and listened to their music. Until yesterday they just weren’t clicking with my music sensibilities. I have a very open and receptive musical heart as a rule. Coldplay just wasn’t reaching it all the earlier times I attempted to assimilate them.

What won me over was the combination (all in the course of one day) of listening to Chris Martin, Live in the Studio on the Howard Stern Show, the Coldplay “Paradise” video from the new album Mylo Xyloto and their appearance on Saturday Night Live.

My wife Rosemary loves Howard and she convinced me to listen to the rebroadcast of Howard’s interview with Chris Martin. I’m glad she did because I found myself liking him as a person and a musician. He played several songs in the studio, explaining his thought process in writing each song. It was when he played “Clocks” the tumbler in my head turned unlock the music of our heart. I was hooked but I didn’t know it yet. Little did I realize how much I would be participating in the Coldplay media blitz.

A little later that morning I visited my brother Wayne at his apartment. He was watching a music video about an elephant, well a man in an elephant suit. It turned out to be Chris Martin inside that suit and it was Coldplay’s newest video, “Paradise”. I watched with a wry smile as the video ended with all four of Coldplay’s members performing in elephant suits before and a live audience. I liked the concept and found it to be an engaging video. Coldplay was working its way into my blood stream.

Last night we watched Saturday Night Live which is a tradition in the Jennings household. Emma Stone was the host and she was very funny in her skits. Coldplay was the special musical guest and I was eager to see the band perform live in the NBC studio.

They did not disappoint as they performed within a unique dayglo graphics art set (Mylo Xyloto theme vs. the classic Grand Central Terminal set). This created a visual engagement which added to the live performance of “Paradise”. A song I had previously learned from the video earlier in the day. 😉

It was when they performed their second song that I remembered what I had been turned off to about Coldplay. Chris Martin’s live stage appearance used to make me feel he was overstating the music. I didn’t feel that way now. If I had tuned in late, without the day’s Coldplay input and saw them only do “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall” then I wouldn’t have written this music post. But fortunately I was part of Coldplay Saturday and I happily consider myself a fan of their music, songwriting and art.

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