Memory Motel – The Rolling Stones (Black and Blue)

Cover of "Black & Blue"
Cover of Black & Blue

Always loved this song….Memory Motel by The Rolling Stones from the album Black and Blue.

It is a significant song as it is one of the few which feature both Jagger and Richards sharing lead vocals. The song itself runs an epic length of over seven minutes, one of the longest songs by the Rolling Stones. [1]

Harvey Mandel plays electric guitar while Wayne Perkins performs acoustic. Jagger, Richards, and Billy Preston play concert piano, electric piano, and string synthesizer on the song, respectively. Preston also contributes backing vocals along with Ron Wood, who would eventually become the Stones’ lead guitarist. The song was recorded in Munich, Germany at Musicland Studios in March and April 1975. Overdubs and re-recordings were performed later in the year. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

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