Thomas Dolby – A Map Of The Floating City

I subscribe to the Los Angeles Times Music Blog, it’s called Pop & Hiss. Don’t you just love that title 😉 It keeps me informed about what is going on in the L.A. music scene, 3,000+ miles away. Today’s post was stimulating to read and then dig further into.  Thomas Dolby has returned to the music scene after a 20 year absence. He will have a new solo album entitled, A Map of the Floating City available in the market on October 25th.

A Map Of The Floating City

“You know what they say about how your first album you’re drawing on 20 years of life experience, and the second you’re drawing on six months? – Thomas Dolby

Dolby has been at the forefront with experimentation with new forms of media ever since he broke onto the pop scene with his 1983 hit “She Blinded Me With Science.” It was an enormous video smash on MTV in MTV’s heyday. I never tire of grooving to it. It is always fresh and fun. I love yelling “Science” as I am sure many of you do. 😉

I lost track of Thomas Dolby in the sea of music and decades that followed. I am chuffed that he is back in vogue again. I wish I had known he was playing in New York City earlier this month, I would have attended that event. I’ll have to catch him in 2012 when he brings the full band around the US with him.

Thomas Dolby is a creative innovator. His grasp of what the market requires is topographically  insightful.  A Map of the Floating City  was developed with interactivity in mind. It’s a video game combined with social networking. It’s centerpiece is the “FREE” web-based “Floating City” game which is integrated with his new album and tour. It goes beyond multimedia. It’s a Web 3.0 experience.

Happy Birthday Thomas Dolby.

I plan to celebrate your birthday immersing myself in Floating City, visit more thoroughly your well designed Web site and listen more intently to the EPs of your new music. I invite my friends and music readers to immerse themselves as well.


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