I was leafing through the September 29th issue of Rolling Stone Magazine yesterday when I happened upon the article, “Meet SuperHeavy, Mick Jagger’s Wild New Crew” by Neil Strauss. I was invigorated by what I discovered about Dave Stewart’s vision realized.

SuperHeavy is a collaboration starring (Left to Right) Damian “Gong” MarleyDave Stewart (Co-Producer), Mick Jagger, A. R. Rahman (He scored the smash film Slumdog Millionaire) and Joss Stone.

Frank W. Ockenfels

I gave the CD SuperHeavy an extended listen on Spotify this morning. I love what I heard and felt. The melting pot of rhythms, ideas, cultures, and raw energy works cohesively. The 18 months these artists have spent working on this recording is a testament to their belief in each other and the music they are turning out.

Give SuperHeavy a view and listen to the entire recording on Spotify. You’ll be grooving in your chair and elsewhere.

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