Laura Marling – British Folk Music Artist

I need to spend more time exploring the rich sounds of folk music. This year my energies have been mostly spent focusing on the jazz and blues idioms. I return to my love of folk music with a longing combined with a renewed emphasis of purpose.

Photo Courtesy of the NY Times, Photograph taken by Lucy Hamblin

I am assured by the maturity in the voice of Laura Marling. At 21 years of age she is a commanding presence that holds me happily spellbound. Thanks to the NY Times and the insightful music journalism of Jon Pareles I have a powerful new folk music influence to learn from 🙂

Laura Marling is about to release  her third album, A Creature I Don’t Know (Ribbon Music/Domino) on Sept. 13th.

I am convinced I will relish listening to her two earlier recordings, I Speak Because I Can and Alas I Cannot Swim today as well 😉

Laura Marling reawakened my British roots by unveiling to me her music of spun gold. She makes the Labor Day holiday countryside serenity.

Here is her in-studio appearance at WNYC yesterday, which featured lots of music. Laura Marling is shown playing a new song, “Pray For Me”.

58 Lambert Drive, Milford, CT

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