Reminiscing about Gary Puckett at Mohegan Sun Wolf Den

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It’s difficult to believe that here it is almost Labor Day 2011 and we have already attended 24 live concerts this year! I was reflecting today on the Gary Puckett concert we attended at the Mohegan Sun Wolf Den on August 11, 2011. It prompted me to put together this post.

We had a magical evening. Gary Puckett and his band played well for us. Gary struggled with a cold but made it through the evening. He showed himself as a real trooper and that the show must go on 😉 He sang all his hits for us.

The concert took on a special meaning as the first date I ever had with my wife Rosemary was a Gary Puckett and the Union Gap concert, 42 years ago. I was hoping to get to speak with Gary Puckett about this after the show. My hopes became answered as he conducted a meet and greet with fans after the show, signing CDs, photographs and even the set list we had snagged 😉

He was really nice to talk to. I mentioned to him that his concert was our first date and that Johnny Maestro & the Brooklyn Bridge were the opening act. This was more meaningful in that Gary Puckett had just sung a tribute song in Johnny Maestro’s memory a cappella with his band members.

He signed his greatest hits CD cover  for us with the words “Hi Ed & Rosemary, “42 Years”, Gary Puckett”.

You can find more pictures of this evening on Flickr here.

Here is some other memorabilia from that evening 🙂 Thanks Gary Puckett we so enjoyed listening to you sing and to get to meet you afterwards.

8×10 Color Glossy

Set List

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