Infinity Stars Party – Featuring The Nighthawks

Infinity Stars Membership Club

We belong to the Infinity Stars Membership Club. This is our second year in that club. We have been to Infinity Hall 13 times since May 24, 2009.

We love the staff and the way we are treated at this club. We especially enjoy the Infinity Bistro right next door. We have had many a fine meals there before a live performance.

Tonight we are invited to attend the Infinity Stars Party. We are new to the music of The Nighthawks, so we are excited to experience this group’s music live.


My wife and I attend 25+ concerts a year. We’re honored that Infinity Hall values our patronage and is reciprocating with us by holding a party for Infinity Stars members.

Gonna rock with fellow Infinity Stars members and The Nighthawks tonight!

58 Lambert Drive, Milford, CT

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