Gary Clark, Jr. – Blues Top Gun

I was browsing the latest issue of Rolling Stone Magazine today, when I happened upon a music review for blues guitarist Gary Clark Jr., written by Will Hermes.

Hermes writes about Gary Clark Jr. ‘s EP Bright Lights:

Meet the Texas young gun taking the blues to nasty new places

This article commands my attention as I take comfort in the blues being carried aloft by sincere, focused musicians. Gary Clark Jr. embodies that persona admirably. I flash on last seeing Gary Clark Jr. with Doyle Bramhall on the DVD of the Clapton 2010 Crossroads Guitar Festival that I own. It hits me. He played Bright Lights that day. That’s the title of the EP Will Hermes is aglow about. It fits like tongue and groove after that.

I try to resist as best I can becoming “too” influenced by the hype. It has turned out wrongly applied to artist’s musical talents in the past. The music industry reeks of false bravado just to move product. But the more I listen to the EP download, the more I find Gary Clark Jr.’s blues style and gritty vocals coursing through these old veins.

He’s truly authentic as Doyle Bramhall states. The Bright Lights EP is nicely counterbalanced, two studio tracks and two live tracks. The artist’s commitment to the blues comes across as others typify him, Gary Clark Jr. is a Top Gun Bluesman.

Making myself a note to start hunting for a live performance by Gary Clark Jr. so I can get the total effect up close and personal soon.

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