Sarah McLachlan

I continue with this week’s impromptu theme, female singer/songwriter’s of note.  Today’s music blog post features Sarah McLachlan.

I know very little about Sarah McLachlan’s catalog of songs. This post is the perfect opportunity to explore the breadth and depth of her music.

I learned Sarah McLachlan’s discography represents 22 years of official recordings. I am overwhelmed where to begin when confronted with such an extensive body of work.

The Internet provides a rich avenue of information about Sarah McLachlan’s music. Wikipedia is a great starting point as is Sarah’s official Web site. I also turn to Spotify, iTunes and amazon to get a better sense of what Sarah McLachlan recordings people are buying. There are two aspects measured that help me tune in to her music, 1) Bestselling, and 2) Top Rated, which don’t always correlate, providing a dichotomy for a budding listener like myself.

Based upon this data I begin my quest with Sarah McLachlan’s discography with Surfacing (1997).


Wish me well 😉

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