Janis Ian – Society’s Child

Cover of "Society's Child: My Autobiograp...
Cover of Society's Child: My Autobiography

I continue with this week’s music blog theme, notable female singer/songwriters. Today I focus my thoughts and energies on Janis Ian.

Janis Ian’s music and lyrics had a monumental effect on me growing up. Her song “Society’s Child” reached deep within me me as 15 year old sophomore in high school.  I was raised below the poverty line in a housing project which had over 200 families. Interracial dating was happening in my neighborhood and Janis’s song really hit home. Janis Ian “Society;s Child” when she was 13 years of age. I purchased her first long playing record (LP), Janis Ian on Verve Folkways in the summer of 1967. The album was produced by legendary 60’s record producer George “Shadow” Morton, who introduced and produced my favorite girl group of all time The Shangri-Las.


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  1. More that the PPM, Tim Buckley, Joan Baez, Dylan, Judy Collins, Joni Mitchell, Beatles, well you get the picture–Janis Ian was everything to me while growing up. I have 15 plus albums–I think the last one I bought was Hunger. Maybe six or seven years ago I went to see her at a music festival in Michigan. Stupid me didn’t bring an album for her to sign, so I just stood at the front of the line watching her sign albums until she looked up at me and asked if I had an album to sign. I said no. I was drunk and mesmerized and I never could speak when it mattered, so she thought I was a hostel presence and her handles stepped in to make sure I knew the album signing had come to an end. I’ve never had an opportunity to tell this story to anybody–thanks!


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