Laura Nyro – A Magical Voice

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The artistic magic of singer/songwriter Laura Nyro has called me lately.

I listened with reverence to Laura’s music today on Spotify. I found myself drifting back to the  innocent time of  1968-1970  a midst the rich collection of Top-40 radio hits from such artists as the 5th Dimension (“Stoned Soul Picnic” and “Sweet Blindness”), Three Dog Night (“Eli’s Coming”), and Blood, Sweat and Tears (“And When I Die”).

These classic hits were my first exposure to the songwriting genius of Laura Nyro.

I became a greater fan of Laura Nyro’s music through WNEW-FM radio airplay as the disk jockey’s on that station took her to their heart and shared her soulful sound and lyrics with us. I recall that WNEW-FM carried her Christmas concert live from the stage of the Fillmore East and I listened intently to her performance. That was the closest I ever got to attending a Laura Nyro concert.

I played Eli and the Thirteenth Confession  and New York Tendaberry on my phonograph player until the needle fell off 😉

Those albums represent an interesting and special time in my life.

Eli and the Thirteenth Confession
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As I put myself back in touch with Laura Nyro I discover that she lived in Connecticut in Danbury, not too far from where we were living in Norwalk, Ct. I am glad the country setting of Connecticut proved to be a salvation for Laura during her last years.

I read with keen interest and a sense of personal excitement that a documentary about the life of Laura Nyro is being filmed by Earthwork Films. The co-producers are Mario Florio and Patty DiLauria. To learn more about the status of this wonderful film read here:

December’s Boudoir 

It is to be an exploration and celebration of the musical genius of Laura Nyro.

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