Spotify, Why I will be kicking Zune to the curb

File:Spotify logo.pngI didn’t expect for the following sentiment to take place today, but as you will read, I had an “aha moment” with music software. I browsed over to Spotify‘s Web site this morning to learn more about their music cloud service which just reached our shores yesterday after a two-year wait.

I was skeptical about the Spotify offering as my first perspective was oh not another Web music service in a very crowded field of offerings too many to list, discern or mention. I must admit I was quite uplifted by what I discovered and interpreted about Spotify.

I was motivated further to explore Spotify as my car CD player has stopped working and I need to replace it soon. So I have started playing the iPhone in the car as a substitute.

File:Zune logo.svg

I have been a loyal Zune software subscriber since its start in 2006. I have accumulated 5,913 listens to Zune in that time frame. I subscribe to Zune Pass at $14.99 a month, which also gives me 10 free songs a month. But Zune is starting to crumble as a solution and has not shown much innovation of late. Also it is having a problem downloading albums I buy in sequence, skipping songs in their logical order, which is a hassle. Zune is failing to keep up with the times, c’est la vie.

I have been eagerly awaiting Zune to supply a couple of  “promised” features which I doubt are ever coming in spite of Microsoft’s Cloud initiative.

Microsoft Zune is failing to live up to my expectations as a Web music service offering. The most notable Zune technology failure is the lack of social networking capability and integration Microsoft “does not supply”. Sharing has very little fellow Zune subscriber participation.  It is a promise in principle unfulfilled. Microsoft failed to innovate the music software sharing options I expected them to carry out, such as more immediate Web music locker sharing, Facebook integration etc. It doesn’t seem that Microsoft will ever leverage its 1.6% investment stake in Facebook to become the “Facebook Music” solution.

It is very clear that Spotify has secured that leadership role and is declared “Facebook Music”. When Mark Zuckerberg is endorsing your product solution you have “arrived”.  Spotify is destined to conquer the American music subscriber’s market with its ease of use and focused integration with Apple iTunes, Windows Media Player files (that’s how I will reuse my Zune music library and cut the cord with Zune Pass…).

“Spotify is so Good”
Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and Founder of Facebook

I purchased a Spotify Premium Service subscription today to get a better idea of what Spotify offers a music subscriber. I like what I am experiencing thus far. Spotify has indeed done their homework with their technology edge.

I really like that for $9.99 a month  with Spotify I have 13 million songs readily at my disposal with the  iPhone Spotify cloud app. It was effortless to search and hear music through the Spotify Cloud to my iPhone. I rather like how they smartly randomized Neil Young’s catalog for me as I drove home from work this afternoon. Zune can’t do that….

As the Microsoft Cloud forms I don’t see the Zune solution leveraging the music locker experience effectively or at all for that matter.

I will save $5 a month with Spotify versus Zune Pass and I can have very high quality stream/sync functionality.

Spotify you are my new Web music subscription service. Microsoft’s Zune say hello to the curb. Oh and Microsoft speculation about XBox Music doesn’t move me…..

5 Replies to “Spotify, Why I will be kicking Zune to the curb”

  1. I was just reading a few other blogs in relation to spotify and it seems like it really depends on the genre you listen to and the service type you choose. There is so much I listen to that doesn’t exist on Spotify… right now I’m just subscribing free and the 5 free plays thing is getting to me, so I’ll have to upgrade my plan pretty soon…. with that said, I’ve made some great playlists and I LOVE the opportunity to look at others’ playlists and check them out… 🙂 Good post!


  2. OMG! This article hit homes home in a big way. I am/WAS a loyal Zune Pass subscriber and had a love affair with my Zune HD, however, having lost the Zune Channels ealier this year, or late last year, who knows when they dropped them on us and not being very happy with missing songs purchased with my 10 free song credits, I have had it with Zune. I am so glad to have found Spotify. It is my new lover, sorry Zune, but the curb is calling ya….


  3. Not so fast on this one. Mark Zuckerberg is on board because Sean Parker has a stake in Spotify and we all know what Sean started, Napster.

    Also, the record labels have wholesaled their catalogues for pennies on the dollar to these cloud services and those pennies aren’t going to the artists.


  4. I’m disappointed Microsoft didn’t press on integration with Facebook long before Spotify landed in the US. It had a Facebook page early on, as well as an app IIRC, but its social aspects were not linked, even as Windows Live dropped some of its social features in lieu of proper Facebook integration. It seems a missed opportunity.

    However, Zune Pass is now cheaper than Spotify on mobile if you’re willing to buy a year. ($8.33/mo.) It also allows free music video streaming and smart-DJ, which is very slick on the Xbox. The US compeition in paid streaming service has been good to consumers here.


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