Every Sunday Mornin, Ya Hear Them Ol Ladies Singin!!

I am on a perpetual quest for new music influences. This morning I discovered a very intriguing sound that is infectious and raucous, “Chutney Soca” music.

According to Wikipedia, chutney soca music is  a crossover style of music incorporating Soca elements and Hindi-English lyrics, Chutney music, with Indian instruments like the dholak and dhantal. I must admit its very dance-able and moves ya good 😉

I happened upon this world music sound by reading the NY Times Music section this morning. Jon Caramanica’s article, Sounds of Summer: Feisty, Moody, Chutney put me on to this incredulously fun music. Thanks Jon, you’re an insightful music writer.

Watch these two videos from Chutney Soca Music Monarch, Rikki Jai and tell me they’re not fun or producing a great groove 😉

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