Cultivating Creativity – Brian Eno, The 99% and Behance

Image representing Behance as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase

Brian Eno appeared again today on my Web browser radar screen. I viewed this as a significant occurrence in the alignment of creative matter. (See yesterday’s blog post, Brian Eno, Drums Between The Bells, Collaborative Art).

The new Web article I am referring to about Brian Eno is entitled “Developing Your Creative Practice: Tips from Brian Eno by Scott McDowell“. It appears on a Web site I became immediately enamored with called, The 99% by Behance, It’s Not About Ideas. It’s About Making Ideas Happen. This Web site is the home of Behance’s research arm and think tank. The Behance Network is the world’s leading platform for creative professionals across all industries. This is something I continually strive to meet in my professional and personal life. 🙂

As a visual/creative person I find Behance is ideally suited to my evolving quest for techno-creative influences. I support Behance’s mission unequivocably. Behance’s mission statement states:

We empower creative individuals to make ideas happen.” motivates me to do and become more proficient with my ideas and visions.

Do your creative self a practical favor and read The 99% article about Brian Eno for starters. It will show why creative ideas occur to us in the shower or when we are walking. Perhaps you are like myself and always wondered how this happens to us. Then cultivate, harvest and grow 😉

Look for the hidden gem in The 99% Brian Eno article,  Eric Tamm’s book, Brian Eno: His Music and The Vertical Sound of Color, which delves deeply into Eno’s “creative process.” Its a 200+ page free e-book that is very insightful.

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