The Prolific Ray Manzarek

I’m elated to see the prolific Ray Manzarek creating and releasing new music and poetry in the form of some exciting grooves for us to enjoy.

Two new works of Ray’s are coming sharply into focus. The first recording is Translucent Blues a collaboration between Ray Manzarek and Roy Rogers. Translucent Blues is due to be released next week on Tuesday, May 24th on Blind Pig Records.

I’ve only been able to sample Translucent Blues as I haven’t found a full listening edition available anywhere on the Web yet. Based on the sample tracks and mp3 download I’ve heard the music takes on a solid groove with a gritty texture.

As a blues fan, I love the feel of this recording as it builds on the foundation of the blues and then takes us on some interesting journeys of sound, mind and dimension. I especially like the use of poetry not just from a lyrics basis but more from the standpoint of how the poetry is intertwined with the music. I love the woven artistic tapestries, which are very evident and striking throughout.

The Manzarek-Rogers band is touring in support of their new recording and we plan to see them next week at The Ridgefield Playhouse on May 25th. (See related article below)

The other work that I am eager to hear and learn more about is the next phase in the collaboration between Ray Manzarek and Michael McClure, Live in San Francisco. It was recorded live at an old wooden church which I bet had a great ambiance for their synergy. Ray Manzarek plays a Steinway piano, by far my favorite sounding piano. We own a Baldwin piano but a Steinway sounds so grandiose. The CD is due out later this year, fall 2011 would be my guess. I love Michael McClure’s poetry offset by Ray’s musicianship.

I am content that we have more to digest and discern from Ray Manzarek and friends going forward in 2011 😉

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