Rome – Reviewed

Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi Present RomeRome

Starring Jack White & Norah Jones

Loving the spaghetti western forays as instrumental interludes, sometimes as choirs, other times with soprano solos as they are interspersed with songs with distinct vocals by Norah Jones and Jack White. Rome is an Italian tapestry that unfolds as a well woven thematic epic. The sentiment forms in me that I am experiencing a new vestige, cinematic masterpiece. Rome happily exceeds my expectations with its rich, musical compositions and arrangements, kudos to Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi music writing collaboration. Your years of care and passion have given us a wonderful gift to share in and experience.


Danger Mouse’s seven-year pet project evidences a distinct passion and respect to Ennio Morricone. I love how he and Daniele Luppi expand the music from its origin to the dimensions we are wrapped in throughout Rome.

I visualize Daniele Luppi conducting the orchestra with significant five o’clock shadow, rolling a tiparillo in the corner of his mouth, bullets strapped across his chest, wearing an Outlaw sombrero. The full orchestra is situated in an Italian piazza, with statues by Michelangelo standing in fountains, as pigeons fly overhead.

I am taken with the signature, sour, twangy guitar sound offset by celestas (love their sound), complemented by choir and orchestra. A modern Fistful of Dollars 😉

Norah Jones continues to morph positive before my eyes and ears as an artist who takes all the right risks. “Season’s Trees” is my favorite of her three songs where she is the vocalist. The other two tracks are “Black” (equally, if not more impressive) and “Problem Queen”.

I especially like Jack White’s lyrical contributions to the three songs he is the lead vocalist on, “The Rose with A Broken Neck”, “Two Against One”, and “The World”.

What will really grow on you is the backdrop of the orchestra players assembled. They all were involved with Ennio Morricone’s Italian spaghetti western original soundtrack sessions!

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