Motion Picture Soundtrack – Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

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We watched the movie, Wall Street, Money Never Sleeps last night. I was entranced with the motion picture soundtrack. The movie begins with a sweeping panorama of New York City which envelops you in the temperament of the action to follow.

Oliver Stone incorporated much of the music of David Byrne and Brian Eno during the course of the film. The film has five selections from Everything That Happens Will Happen Today. I haven’t played that recording in some time and it was refreshing to see where Oliver Stone used their music as a backdrop. The city scenes engulf you in the power of New York City as the financial capital of the world.

I have come to strongly associate David Byrne’s musical art with metropolitan New York. His muse strikes just the right embellishment for a city landscape ever in motion and that never sleeps. The sonic collaboration with Brian Eno offers a striking contrast to suburbia and city life.

The soundtrack also has a couple of tracks from My Life in the Bush with Ghosts, the first genius collaboration recording between David Byrne and Brian Eno. I am thinking I will watch the film again for the interaction of David Byrne’s music with the story.

My favorite part of the soundtrack is the closing credits, Oliver Stone chose the Talking Heads, “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)” from the recording Speaking in Tongues 1983. I couldn’t keep my leg and body still as that song is so engaging 😉

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