Robin Rogers

I am sharing with you a beautiful letter that will touch your heart about Robin Rogers. Last week the 2011 Blues Music Awards & Blues Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony took place in Memphis, Tennessee.  Some day I am going to attend that event.  Please read more about the award winners and the awesome evening that was had by all at Blues Revue, The World’s Blues Magazine, E-Zine Web Site.

Blues Beat Contributing Editor Stacy Jeffress’s open letter to the late Robin Rogers about her presence at the BMAs.

Dear Robin,

It wasn’t until I was sitting there at the Blues Music Awards with two tables full of your family and friends that it hit me: you really have departed Planet Earth. Sitting next to your devoted husband Tony and looking at the “Remembering Robin Rogers” tribute in the BMA program, my heart finally caught on to what my head had known for some time. You had shuffled off this mortal coil for the juke joint in the sky. It had only been abstract theory for me to that point, but Tony at the BMAs without you? Irrefutable proof that you were gone.

Your friends were smart to bring a box of tissues; let me tell you we had plenty of need for them. You know, Robin, how every year there is a moving video montage of the blues brethren who left us in the past year? It really knocked us for a loop when this year’s RIP presentation, lovingly crafted by Mako Funasaka, started with a video of you which Tony had never seen. And the soundtrack used throughout the montage was your song “Moan.” Did you have a hand in that, Angel Robin? You brought us together to celebrate your life one more time.

Tony had a trick up his sleeve, too. After making up a lame excuse for carrying his guitar around, he surprised us when he joined Janiva Magness on stage as she performed your magnificent number “The Plan” in your honor. Then came the moment we’d been anticipating all these months: the BMA for Best Contemporary Female Artist. You had stellar competition in Janiva MagnessCandye Kane, Karen Lovely, and Shemekia Copeland, but it was your name called as the winner.

You would have been so proud of how Tony held it together long enough to deliver a lovely acceptance speech on your behalf and even remembered to thank the other nominees for encouraging their fans to vote for you. Your generous nature has inspired us all, Dear Robin.

Now Tony can finally get your headstone engraved with the title you earned with your years of hard work: “BMA Winner.” The best title I ever received was when you called me your friend.



58 Lambert Drive, Milford, CT