Garland Jeffreys, Performing in Connecticut Soon!

I start to feel the excitement for an upcoming concert I’ve been looking forward to for a while now. The live event will feature the rocking sounds of Garland Jeffreys & The Coney Island Playboys at Infinity Music Hall in Norfolk, Connecticut on Sunday June 5th.

Here is the latest video from Garland Jeffreys, made to go with his new single, “Coney Island Winter” from the forthcoming recording entitled The King of In Between due to be released on June 7th. I hope we can buy a CD copy early that night and that Garland Jeffreys will hold a meet and greet after the concert with us 😉

Photo by Danny Clinch

“Coney Island Winter” was directed and assembled by Doug Webb who created Garland’s Wild in the Streets fan site and opens with footage from the 1952 short film documentary “Coney Island, U.S.A.” It also includes samples from a 1991 episode of PBS’s American Experience (“Coney Island”) and the evocative 2010 short film “Coney Island Dream”, filmed and edited byJoshua Brown

“The video captures the desolation, but also the allure, the fantasy and the humor of Coney Island that still fills my memories,” says Garland.

2 Replies to “Garland Jeffreys, Performing in Connecticut Soon!”

  1. I saw Garland Jeffreys in concert at The Highline Ballroom in NYC this past Saturday. Oh man, you are in for a treat in Connecticut!!! His energy, musicianship, soul and songwriting are extraordinary!!!! He played 6 or 7 songs from his new album during the 2-hour concert and the new tunes are as strong and rockin’ as his older classics. You are going to have a blast at his show – bring your dancin’ shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!


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