Live from the Artists Den – Squeeze

Lawn at Bryant Park, New York City
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Last night we watched Live from the Artists Den on PBS, Channel Thirteen WNET. We couldn’t wait for this broadcast to air because we attended the show live and for free last year. It was fun to look for ourselves in the audience throughout the show. We popped up a few times in various shots 😉

It was beautifully filmed and edited in Hi-Def. It brought back the sweet smell and essence of the summer air in Bryant Park. The weather was picture perfect that night. We stood real close to the Southwest Porch, right in front of Chris Difford‘s mike stand. Squeeze was straight on that night, brilliant in their execution.

It was a thrilling evening, as double-decker buses rode past us on the  right along 6th Avenue. Off to our left was the lush green meadow of Bryant Park and the expanse of the back of the New York Public Library building.

I first posted about Squeeze, Live from the Artists Den on my other music blog,

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