Rock Music Photographers A-Z, Jay Blakesberg

One of the hippest rock music photographers on the scene is Jay Blakesberg. I like Jay’s fluid sense of articulation with jam band artists.

I especially enjoy how he photographs Carlos Santana. I was first drawn to Jay’s photography as a Santana fan. I kept seeing Jay’s work in Santana tour programs. Jay’s camaraderie with Carlos Santana is evident throughout his portfolio.

Copyright Jay Blakesberg

I also love Jay’s photographic work with the Grateful Dead.

Jay Blakesberg attends many music concerts and festivals. He is a consummate live music fan like myself. He embodies the music scene with a freshness which breathes special life into his photographs.

A part of me lives vicariously in San Francisco. Jay brings that music world to me in vivid and exciting ways.

Copyright Jay Blakesberg

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