Phil Lesh’s Terrapin Landing

The first inkling I read of what Phil Lesh has been planning to accomplish with Terrapin Landing is contained in Phil’s fond remembrances about Owlsey “Bear” Stanley’s passing. Phil wrote this paragraph in his tribute to Bear, entitled “A Beautiful Mind“.

He never gave up his quest for pushing the limits of whatever he was working on. We had just been discussing his concept of point-source sound reinforcement in relation to a new project of mine, and his vision incorporated the latest developments in technology and perceptual research.

That sentence intrigued me as Bear passed on to Phil Lesh some of his unique ideas for next generation sound. I tried to figure out how Phil Lesh intends to collaborate with Bear in producing next generation sound.

I next learned in the Rolling Stone article, The Dead Recall the Colorful Life of LSD Pioneer Owsley Stanley more about what Phil Lesh was planning with his proposed venue, in Marin County, named Terrapin Landing.

Phil Lesh said: “He kept his enthusiasm for sound design all the way through. Just two weeks ago we were discussing a sound system for a venue I’m going to open in Marin County, Terrapin Landing. Hopefully we’ll be using monitors with Bear’s design.”

From, 3/30/2011: Phil Lesh’s Terrapin Landing

Before launching Furthur’s official message board, Phil Lesh and his wife Jill spent some time on the Grateful Dead fan sites answering questions. When one fan asked about the possibility of Railroad Earth opening some shows, Lesh hinted that he hoped to host the band at a venue he planned to open on the West Coast.

Lesh hit the boards again yesterday and revealed that he plans to open a venue called Terrapin Landing in the Marin County section of California. In an email to Relix/, Lesh’s publicist confirmed the bassist’s comments and his plans to open a the performance space. According to Lesh’s original post, he is “taking the first steps to make a long time dream- a permanent musical home- come true. We are purchasing a building in Marin, and plan on remodeling it to feel like an old barn; we ‘re calling it Terrapin Landing. We will continue with Furthur while making music at Terrapin Landing when we are at home.” Lesh goes on to explain:

The music will be varied, featuring:

  • Phil Lesh & Friends (continuing the tradition of revolving lineups, including old as well as new friends)
  • West Coast Rambles, based on (and blessed by) Levon Helm’s historic Rambles
  • Album night- we pick a favorite album or two to play live
  • Telstar night- we put together a band for free form improvisation
  • Sing-alongs to monthly Sunday morning gospel music
  • Trivia nights
  • Monthly big band night
  • Seminars with local musicians and artists
  • Our goal is to create a vibrant community gathering place: beautiful, comfortable, welcoming – for members of the community to commingle and enjoy good music.

I’m adding Marin County and Terrapin Landing to my bucket list. More to follow, Bear lives on 😉

More info on Hidden Track:

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