A Renewed Paul Simon

Paul Simon has been showing up ever stronger on my music radar screen lately. I was enthralled to learn that he was doing a small venue tour this spring. I snapped up tickets for us to see him at Foxwoods Casino MGM Grand Theatre on May 29.

Paul Simon is readying for his new album release, So Beautiful or So What, it’s scheduled to drop on April 12th. His tour commences April 15th in Seattle, Washington. Paul Simon is scheduled to appear two nights in a row on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, April 6th and April 7th.  Bruce Springsteen and The Rolling Stones leveraged Jimmy Fallon’s show for their respective boxed set recordings.

Paul Simon is an artist on Hear Music, the joint music venture between Starbucks and Concord Music Group.

Produced by Phil Ramone and Paul Simon, with liner notes written by Elvis CostelloSo Beautiful or So What is one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year. Rolling Stone magazine recently declared it, “His best since Graceland,” and National Public Radio affirmed, “…his new music balances great poetry and pop. Paul Simon is a national treasure.” In their current issue, Filter Magazine calls the new album, “…a new masterpiece from the Picasso of music.” (This paragraph is courtesy of the Paul Simon Website).

Two tracks are available for listening from So Beautiful or So What. “Getting Ready for Christmas Day” and “The Afterlife”. They offer strong hints at what the rest of this indie record has in store for us. Paul Simon self-financed the recording sessions. I am openly receptive to his meticulous songwriting talent. I can’t wait to embrace the new sounds and experiences that await our senses.

Paul Simon’s solo recordings are the highlight of my music collection. Paul Simon, There Goes Rhymin Simon & Graceland embody some of the finest songs and melodies known to modern music. Something tells me So Beautiful or So What compliments and embellishes his work to a new nth degree.

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