Joe Sample


When I hear the piano playing of Joe Sample I smile broadly, for he is a true genius on the keyboards. As his fingers move across the keys he creates the finest of textured sounds, rich melodies that take your heart on the most amazing journeys. 🙂

I first learned about Joe Sample when I was managing the record department at Caldors, Inc. in Stamford, Ct. in 1979. The ABC Records sales rep laid a copy of Joe Sample’s Carmel on me and urged me to give it a listen.  I took it home and dropped it on the turntable. I was very swept away by the music I heard. I soon realized Rosemary and I must take a vacation to northern California to visit these surroundings. We arranged an extensive vacation to drive down the California coast to visit Rosemary’s brother Paco and his family in Manhattan Beach, CA.

We stopped in Carmel, CA and took an excursion along the exquisite 17 Mile Drive. I had a copy of  Carmel on audio cassette playing  in the rental car as we visited all the major vista points on the 17 Mile Drive map.  I travel back to 17 Mile Drive and that vacation often. 🙂

I recall that The Crusaders, Street Life was also released in 1979. I sold lots of copies of Street Life that year in my record department. I would mention to Street Life purchasers that they should also check out Joe Sample’s Carmel and several customers bought both albums.

So here I am in March of 2011, 32 years later and Joe Sample is performing a solo concert in my back yard.  There is so much music to discover that Joe Sample has recorded between 1980-2011. I relish digging deeper into an artist’s catalog, actively learning what they have composed and recorded.

Let the immersion begin 😉

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