Lucinda Williams – Blessed

I am enthralled with Lucinda Williams new recording, Blessed, it’s stellar work. Her songs have a raw, poetic edge rarely found in our American landscape.  Lucinda Williams is a singer/songwriter who reaches deep within my soul. I find a rare peace resulting from immersion in her muse. I listen to her songs when I am up late at night studying. She mentors my creativity as I draw upon her energy for life.

Lucinda Williams’s voice is gritty, a delicate blend of pathos intertwined with strong truth. Her music  is compelling. We’re close in age (she’s younger ;), yet she knows much more than I will ever fathom.

Lucinda Williams underscores her compassion for those she’s encountered through the cover art she has chosen for her deluxe CD. There are eight different covers each portraying striking studies of people holding the sign, “Blessed.”

I’m blessed to know these people through the photographs that Lucinda Williams shares with us. Each of the pictures makes me smile and wonder. The various covers directly correlate to the discoveries her songs unfold for us.

There are actually 10 different cover photographs available if you add in the standard edition and vinyl LP edition of Blessed. Her music keeps on giving. If you buy any version of Blessed by March 6th and mail them a copy of your receipt they will send you four more unreleased songs. I have to hand it to Lost Highway Records and the Lucinda Williams team for putting together an engaging marketing program for Blessed.

I have decided I’m going to pick  Lucinda Williams, Blessed deluxe CD after school today, I wonder what cover edition I’ll find 😉

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