The Radiators – Last Roundup Tour

We attended The Radiators Last Roundup Tour at Stage One in Fairfield, Ct. last night. The Radiators, from New Orleans, LA are hanging it up after 33 years of making great music together. When I read about The Radiators retiring from the road, I was moved by their commitment to their fans. So we went to honor them and the music that they make. We arrived unfamiliar with their music and left immersed in the love and the classic sounds The Radiators produce live.

We were taken by the energy of their fans, many of whom were devout Radiators “fish-heads”. It was evident that the majority of fans in attendance were ticketed for all three nights, Friday, 2/25, Saturday 2/26 and Sunday 2/27. They were fervent. They stood from the first song to the last, riffing off of every note, hanging on to The Radiators for dear life.  I couldn’t blame them, after all this is their favorite band who is playing one last time for them. I saw tears and lots of hugging going on. The “fish-heads” are a tight nucleus of fans, who celebrate each other and the music of The Radiators with a great deal of heart. We were up dancing with them by the third song of the second set and we too stood until the evening was over.

Stage One 2/26/11

The Radiators are all about classic, straight ahead, rock and roll, rhythm and blues and the blues music. They mix their originals with dedicated cover editions with equal passion. My highlight of the evening was their rendition of Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On”. I will be trolling Live Downloads for this live recording. I saw the tape machine in the lobby and patted it on the back as I went to my seat. We had excellent seats, third row center.

The Radiators are all the original members from 1978, which is way cool when you think about it 😉

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