Meeting Across The River – Bruce Springsteen

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Hey Eddie, can you give us a ride?

There are some songs we hear in this life that are hauntingly epic and touch our souls deeply. One such song is Bruce Springsteen’sMeeting Across The River” from the masterpiece Born to Run album. I’ve always been drawn to this song when I hear it played. It doesn’t hurt that my name is Eddie also. 😉


The song creates a picture which resolves into a black and white film noir. It’s one of those songs I would love to direct and produce a short film about, if I had the money, time and shooting location. For now, I’ll limit my theater of the mind to what is available about “Meeting Across The River.” Rest assured the dream is never far away.

“Meeting Across The River” was the “B” side to the single, “Born to Run“, which made it to the #23 position on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1975. According to the booklet in the 30th Anniversary Edition of Bruce Springsteen‘s Born To Run the musicians who recorded this song at the Record Plant Studio in New York City are:

Bruce Springsteen, Vocals

Roy Bittan, Piano

Richard Davis, Bass

Randy Brecker, Trumpet

My favorite line in the song, “this guy don’t dance”.

The song inspired a book of 20 stories by different authors, Meeting Across the River: Stories Inspired by the Haunting Bruce Springsteen Song .

As an experiment I purchased the Amazon Kindle Edition so I can listen to “Meeting Across The River” and read each author’s interpretation. I also purchased the audio edition of this unique book which was edited by The Boss himself. My lovely wife, Rosemary gave me her Barnes & Noble gift card to get that, thank you dear. (She’s a much more intense Springsteen fan than I am. She bought us tickets in 2009 to see Bruce & The E Street Band Concert #2 and Concert #5, the last concert at the old Giants Stadium before they gave it the Wrecking Ball!) .

I found thisYouTube video to be the best live version of “Meeting Across The River”. It was captured in 1978 at the Capitol Theater in Passaic, New Jersey. The video is choppy and cuts out but it’s so classic Bruce in athletic t-shirt, emoting at the microphone stand with Roy Bittan on piano.


My son Matthew bought me the 30th Anniversary Box Set as a Christmas present in 2005. His teacher and mentor at The School of Visual Arts was Chris Austopchuk. Chris is Vice President of Sony BMG Music Entertainment where he also handles art direction and design for Bruce Springsteen. Matthew was an intern for Chris at Sony and met Bruce Springsteen in Chris’s office a few years back.

Another friend of mine Ed NaHa was the A&R coordinator at Columbia Records for Born to Run when  it was certified Gold by the RIAA.

Hey Eddie, can you give us a ride?

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