Guitarist Presents Blues Guitar Heroes, Daily Post 2011 #19

Because I’m a bluesman
But I’m a good man, understand

B.B. King – Blues Man (1998) Universal Music Inc.

The Blues is becoming a major subject area of study and exploration for me this month.  I make it a special point to browse the music section of the magazine racks at Borders, Barnes & Noble, etc. every chance I get.

I discovered a real gem of a specialty publication today at Barnes & Noble. Guitarist Magazine from the United Kingdom has put together a 250+ page high gloss, coffee table size publication entitled, Blues Guitar Heroes. The world’s greatest blues guitar players are featured with lots of insightful perspectives. It’s a real strong issue with past and present (2010) interviews/profiles of 54 blues guitarists. The newstand price is $19.99 for the import magazine, well worth the price for the value of the collected and sorted information.

The chapter breakout is as follows….

Chapter One: Story of the Blues

Chapter Two: Interviews & Profiles ( I have seen 19 of those 54 blues guitarists perform live.)

Chapter Three: A Short History of Slide Guitar

Chapter Four: Top 40 Blues Guitarists (I’m proud to say I have seen 10 of those 40 blues guitarists.)

Chapter Five: Ten Classic Blues Guitars (Beautifully photographed in color).

If you are a serious blues music fan or collector you must get this magazine to enhance your knowledge of the blues. It’s a definitive source about blues, the musicians, its history and the guitar its played upon.

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