The Guess Who – Daily Post 2011 #15

One of my favorite groups from the sixties is The Guess Who

When I am listening to the 60s on 6 station on Sirius Satellite Radio their songs come across very vibrant and amazingly fresh all these decades later.

They had a great series of hits on the radio, with unique textures, solid vocals and a tight rock sound. Check out this YouTube video of  the original version of “No Time” with a psychedelic intro and outro.

Seeing The Guess Who live is on my bucket list. I am not certain that will be possible with members of the original lineup unless they reunite for a U.S. tour. The signature vocals of lead singer/keyboardist, Burton Cummings established the band as a fixture on the radio. The guitar work of Randy Bachman finessed their sound. Bachman and Cummings co-wrote many of The Guess Who’s hits.

Randy Bachman left the band in 1970 to form Bachman-Turner Overdrive which generated many classic  hits on their own. Burton Cummings left the band in 1975 for a solo career.

The Guess Who tour as the nucleus shown below today. Original members still performing as The Guess Who include Jim Kale bassist and Garry Peterson drummer who own franchise. I’m glad to know they are keeping it real. I hope to catch The Guess Who in concert this year or next as I watch the Web for show dates near us in 2011/2012 😉

4 Replies to “The Guess Who – Daily Post 2011 #15”

  1. You are not listening to The Guess Who but Kale’s Klones! The are a joke and are legally proscribed from advertising with Burton Cumming,s voice and Randy Bachman’s guitar. In other words none of the RCA catalog can be used to promote this fraud!

    Burton Cummings is touring again in the US and Randy is back with Fred Turner. If you want to hear the “Real Thing” go see them or listen to a record.


  2. Mark,

    I wrote this blog post before I saw Burton Cummings live. I heard Burton Cummings comment to us that night that due to The Guess Who “clone” group he wasn’t sure people wanted to see him again. He and many of us were pleased he outdistanced Kale’s Klones.

    I have no interest after seeing Burton Cummings live in seeing Kale’s Klones.

    I have seen BTO live, they were awesome.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.



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