Follow Your Heart, John McLaughlin, song by song by Walter Kolosky

Electric Guitarist
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I love to read books about jazz and the musicians who perform its rich textured intricacies. When it comes to jazz-fusion, world music artiste extraordinaire John McLaughlin, Walter Kolosky is THE subject matter authority I count on for articulate, well researched information regarding  John McLaughlin’s musical heritage. Walter Kolosky has written his second book which is based upon John McLaughlin’s extensive body of work. The book is titled, Follow Your Heart, John McLaughlin, song by song. It’s now available to order from Abstract Logix Books.

Click here: for pricing and special order information. For a limited time you can also get Walter Kolosky’s first well written book, Power, Passion and Beauty which is available for $5 as a two-for-one book deal when you order Follow Your Heart.

Guess what music books I’m ordering next 😉

You can learn more about Follow Your Heart on the John McLaughlin – Follow Your Heart – Song By Song Facebook Page!

I’ll look for you there, Namaste’

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