Bill-Ortiz iPhone App

It was serendipity today that while I was using my iPhone with Facebook I looked up suddenly and voila there was our friend Bill Ortiz announcing his brand new iPhone app. I am impressed by this step in Bill’s career. I downloaded the app that Todd Tate built for him right away. I love being an early adopter 🙂

I urge you to give Bill Ortiz’s free iPhone app a spin.You can learn about his current recording, From Where I Stand. You can also download his EP, Judgement Day (The Remixes) with this iPhone app for $1.99 and receive a free digital booklet.  Bill’s iPhone app promotes his Web site and MySpace pages along with his Twitter account. Smart move Bill.

I must get in touch with Todd Tate, the 5th Beatle to compare notes with him sometime about Web design and social media. I’m a big fan of both technologies.

Click here to view Bill Ortiz’s app on Apple’s iTunes store.

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