Keeping Time, Milt Hinton, Westport Arts Center

The Westport Arts Center continues its fine tradition of honoring Jazz in the Arts with The Judge, an exhibit of 40 of bassist Milt  Hinton’s timeless black and white photographs through February 28, 2010.

My wife and I attended the rare screening of Keeping Time, The Life Music & Photographs of Milt Hinton a Jazz humanitarian and someone we are pleased to add to the music of our heart. 🙂

It was a heartfelt documentary, a true labor of love.We loved watching the film unfold, learning how caring souls Milt and Mona Hinton could be to all they encountered. It was so cool to see Milt Hinton’s joy whenever he played. He slapped the bass with such rhapsody, I marvelled at his intensity and rhythm. His interaction with many Jazz superstars, such as Cab Calloway, Quincy Jones, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie and Billie Holiday, just to name a few, added such a warm dimension to the personalities of Jazz we all know and love. His camera lens shared with us many intimate backstage moments, which we felt privileged to witness.

Milt Hinton was a humble man and a supportive soul, who would give you the shirt off his back. He was tireless in his efforts to promote Jazz music and future musicians. We especially loved hearing Brian Torff”s personal story of meeting Milt Hinton. Milt Hinton befriended Brian and aided his career by helping him get on Cleo Laine’s tour.

Our compliments to the two producers, David Berger and Holly Maxon who held a question and answer session after the film. David and Holly are also responsible for the Milt Hinton Web site, which I urge you to navigate to learn more about The Judge.

I have an additional post about Westport Arts Center and Jazz on my other blog here.

It was a pleasure to meet Brian Torff and Nancy Heller, Executive Director this afternoon. My wife and I felt very welcomed by our hosts.

The Westport Arts Center with Brian Torff as Artistic Director of Jazz and Danielle Cavanna as Director of Education have helped greatly to increase our knowledge of Jazz and Art. We love what WAC is accomplishing and look forward to Jazz-Rock Fusion on May 2nd. 🙂

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